Alright guys, I know it’s been long since I posted anything. But here I am now with something that I hope would interest you.

Poem writing or song writing has been one of my favorite leisure activities since childhood. My sister, Dakshina and I have written a lot of silly verses and small poems together. Most of them ended up lost in our messy, disorganized place that is our room. But, here is one poem that I found in my room yesterday. Surprisingly, I found it rather nice and wanted to share it with you guys.

Let me know if you think it is nice too…


Faeries for children, are sweet and kind,

They bring with them merriment and colors combined.

Their delicate wings fluttering with a tinkling sound;

These tales are told to scions with no bound.

People who are precocious and think alternative,

They believe the tales are deceptive –

That the faeries have sinned

And for that they are cursed:

To endure and live a sempiternal eternity,

Never being able to lie even forcefully.

They live their lives as written by fate

And never see the open Heaven’s gate.

Not even accepted in Hell,

They roam in Earth’s dark corners and dwell,

Scorning the sun and relishing the frost

Waiting to avenge and mourning the life they lost.

          – Dakz and Shve

The funny thing is that, I don’t even remember the meaning of some of the words that we used. Words like “scions” and “precocious” and “sempiternal”.

So if you guys liked this poem or if you have any suggestions or comments, please feel free to express your views. I would love to hear what you got to say…

Until then, this is Shvethaa, signing off.

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