My Favorite Book Series

Hey guys! This is Dakz. I just love reading books, mainly series. I find single book character names a little hard to remember. Sometimes I just find myself browsing for new books to read and I feel really annoyed when nothing good turns up. So for you to not go through the trouble, I’ve listed below some of my favorite book series…

First up is none other than,

The Twilight Saga

Yes, I’m a Twilight fan. I just really love Edward Cullen. Bella and Edward are so perfect for each other. Also, I love vampires (if only i could be one…..). Hit a thumbs-up if you love Jacob!

Next is,


Fallen is all about angels and demons and I love the concept. Daniel and Lucinda having all those past stories, it’s just awesome. I also like Lucifer before he became bad, even though he is a control-freak. I think it’s romantic that even after Luce betrays him, Lucifer still wants her back. Hit a thumbs-up if you love Cam!


Third is,

Red Queen

Spoiler alert: Maven Calore dies. Maven Calore is my favorite character and most people’s too, and he just dies. But even then the book is my third favorite because of Evangeline and Mare. Both of them are bold and strong. Hit a thumbs-up if you love Farley!

Fourth comes,

The Dark Artifices

Yes, forbidden love is the best and is most romantic. The third book has not been published yet but I just know that Cassandra Clare will give Julian and Emma a happy ending. It’s amazing how both of them love each other so much. Hit a thumbs-up if you love Ty and Kit!

Fifth in the list is,

The Summer I Turned Pretty

This book shows how awkward things can get when two brothers are in love with you. But when I think of myself in Belly’s shoes, I just can’t bring myself to choose between Jeremiah and Conrad Fisher. Although I’m glad everyone gets their happily ever afters. Hit a thumbs-up if you love the Fishers!

Sixth is,

The Lunar Chronicles

I love how the book has modernized the fairy-tale characters. I love how Prince Kai accepts Cinder’s nature and how brave Scarlet is and how positive Cress is and how innocent and good Winter is.Hit a thumbs-up if you love Captain Thorne!

Seventh comes,

The Infernal Devices

Will, Tessa and Jem are the best. It’s awesome how Cassandra Clare can pull off Tessa loving both Jem and Will equally. And the general Herondale attitude is what I love the most. Hit a thumbs-up if you love Gideon and Gabriel!

Eight is,

The Selection

 Don’t you just love Prince Maxon? The books are all about how America and Maxon overcome all the troubles, no matter how large. It’s also nice that they try to change a cruel country. I just hate one thing about the book which is how America still liked Aspen when she was competing for Maxon. Hit a thumbs-up if you love Celeste!


Ninth in the list is,

 A Tale of Two Cities

The book is just so awesome. Even though I couldn’t understand half of what it was and had to read the book with a sparknotes simple english meaning nearby, IT WAS WORTH IT. I really cried when Sydney Carton died and Lucie Manette did not even know. Hit a thumbs-up if you love Sydney Carton!

Tenth comes,


  The Mortal Instruments

Jace is so awesome. Here again is the Herondale attitude. I wish Raphael hadn’t died in the end and also that Sebastian had turned good and lived. Clary and Jace are the best. Hit a thumbs-up if you love Magnus Bane!

            The list is never-ending, so I’ll stop it here. But be sure to also checkout Perfect Chemistry, Divergent, The Hunger Games, The Maze Runner, Harry Potter, Beacon Street Girls, Vampire Academy, Dork Diaries, Percy Jackson, Grimtastic Girls and Hush,Hush Saga.

 I would also love to see recommendations of books you love and your opinion of the books I’ve mentioned. Hope you liked reading my list.

Signing off,




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