The Shadow World

The Inspirational Author : Cassandra Clare

Cassandra Clare is the Creator of the Shadow World, a world everyone who reads her books want to live in. Today, I’m going to tell you about the Shadow World. (SPOILER ALERT)

The Shadow World

Shadowhunters are the children of the angel Raziel, with half angel blood and half mortal blood. Jonathan Shadowhunter, a mortal in the eleventh century, summoned angel Raziel and begged him to mix his blood in a cup with the blood of  man to create a race of demon-fighters, as the demons from the Void were swarming into the Earth.

Raziel, seeing Jonathan’s good intentions, and also seeing in his mind a world that is demon-free, granted his request. Jonathan became the world’s first Shadowhunter. He formed a shadowhunter government called the Clave.

The Clave was feared by the Downworlders, who are part demon and part human. The Downworlders inhabit the Shadow World, too. The Downworlders are looked down by the Shadowhunters because of their demon blood. The Downworld includes faeries, were-wolves, vampires and warlocks. These Downworlders cannot bear the angel’s runes, which are used by Nephilim (Shadowhunters) to give them power and strength.

                       The books are awesome. Please read them. If you get sucked into the Shadow World, you may never resurface. So beware readers, before you read Cassandra Clare’s fantastic works of arts.



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